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The past couple weeks have been overwhelming


and I’m just terrible. So much change, so much drama, so much stupidity. I have basically stopped talking to everyone except my nutritionist. And I’ve been getting a lot of texts and fb messages from people, but I’m just so exhausted, and over it. I need to focus right now. As much as it’s a detriment to my social life, and makes me come off as an asshole, it’s helping with my fitness. I ran a fucking 10K today. A. FUCKING. 10K. That’s unbelievable to me but I did it. It feels good. It was an 11:31 pace. Not record breaking or anything, but I’m still really pumped about it. I did one of the race missions on Zombies, Run! It was mostly music. 

More of a recap: it was fricken COLD yesterday. Like 41 isn’t terrible but it was windy as shit on some parts of the trail, since it’s so close to the lake. So here’s me in the car thinking about my life choices.image

I’m kind of adorable sometimes. Anyway.

I was so happy when I finished this I nearly cried. I can’t believe I ran a 10K without walking.


Best note!! LOL

I stopped twice, once to take a picture of the lake, for all of 15 seconds, and then again toward the end of my run because a Sheriff stopped me to make sure I wasn’t one of the Empire State Marathon runners (lol!) but seriously, I just ran, and it felt really good. I’m really proud of myself. Here’s a bigger map:


I picked up 39 supplies, a LOT of which seemed to be weapons/ammo.

I am 90% going running again tonight, not for nearly this distance, though. It was supposed to rain today, but now it’s not, but by the time I get out of work that might change again, so I have my gym bag with my chucks and my workout clothes, and a second bag with my compression pants and my running shoes, so I am prepared either way. It’s either chest day or running. Whatever. Bro.

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